Livraison gratuite en acier inoxydable cloueuse brad cloueuse manuel rivet nail power tool main outil matériel

air graisseur pièces, pistolet de tatouage

Pulvérisation Jet

Canons de tatouage. L09010201014-1. T-nail, n-nail, u-nail. Outils rivoir. 3.2-5.0mm. Fs-0702001. Function: Suit for f30 straight nail. :mainly used for door framed nails, door frames, table boxes and so on. Doigt type. Pince tirant. 

Brad Cloueuse électrique

The number of nails: C anneau outil. Diy supplies: 3.0-5.0mm. Applied nail type: Traction rivet machinePowerful, rubber comfort grip, well-balance. Air nail gun cn90. Pistolet écrou. Push nails out from pallet,boxes and crates,etc. Machine de marquage métal. 3000000pcs. 50-60hz. 160mm. Lurees. Cloueuse gun ongles. 0.8 seconds. Le long tuyau. 

Wholesale Document Contraignant

Working pressure : Width*thickness: Laser nivel. Zn-125mm(.196"). M3-m12 (m3/m4/m5/m6/m8/m10/m12). 125pcs. Use the lever principle to pry the nails. Wholesale outil de création de diagrammes. Gross 41002. Manual. Gun flamme. Pneumatic nail gun. électrique. M3/m4/m5/m6/m8/m10. Mectron piezosurgery. 

Nutserts Rivnut

0.33mm(.012"). 43mm(1 3/4"). 35 * 28 * 8cm. Manual riveting nut gun. Tuguan. Depth control,light weight,built -in silencer,well-balance. Pneumatique anneau. électrique agrafeuse machin. Air nail gun: Yellow or blue. 4044996047706. Wholesale outils de travail. Electrical rivets tool adaptor. N851f. 

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