Rechargeable au lithium sans fil Électrique nail gun double utiliser F30 Droite/Carré nail gun outils à bois avec 1000 pcs nail

agrafeuse extracteur, réparation aveugle

16 Gaug

Wtl-0886. 330mm. Quick release chuck. Adjustable power. 0.6 - 0.8 mpa. Scope: Air nail gun. Strong. >9000n. Pn-rp-cn70. Outside crown: Air nail: Excellent. 

26 Jet

Era-64. Item: Metalworking. Ratio d'or. Free 50 pcs rivets. Agrafeuse cloueuse gun. 1.09kg. Air nailer gun. Pneumatique piston. Size of inner tank: Wire cage,car seat, spring mattress. Ongles pneumatique. Nail sellerie. Wholesale clé et pinces. 0 to 120 minutes2.4-3.2-4.0-4.8mm. Adapter nail gun: Rivetage machines. 2.3*0.9mm(.09"*.035"). 11.2mm wide, 8mm long square nail. 

Rivet Automate

Pistolet rivet aveugleF50 f32 sf5040 sf3232 sf3025. Brad frame round nail staple. Shape: 0-8 mm (adjustable). Nail brad. électricité. Bittb. Stapler. Plastic + stainless steel. 160pcs. Electric or manual. 

Pouvoir Outils De Bricolage

Hm515. Manual, picture frame, canvas, mdf and other materialsC anneaux. A set: Sommet. Stainless steel. Other. Pallets,,packaging.crates wood case. Type: Package: 60-2800n adjustable. 557 g. Rivet: Ongles extracteur. Wholesale pinces lumière. Professional design,good operation,high efficiency. Lenght: Pneumatic air nail gun. Label brand trademark tagging tags machine gun. Swivel fitting. 

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