Nouveau 15 Pcs Pop Riveteuse Pistolet Kit Aveugle Rivet Main Tool Set Gouttière Réparation Heavy Duty # L057 # nouveau chaude

extracteur nail, Wholesale marteau nail gun

Fil Pour Agrafeuse

Fer ordre. Wholesale pyramidic rivetsPasting position: Working pressure of compressor: 300-400pcs. Main rivoir rivet gun. 4 heads. Carton stapler. Electrical rivets tool adaptor. 1*15cm. Depends. 3.0-5.0mm. Perceuse sans fil. Max working stroke: 

Cloueuse Air

Plomberie. Riveting tool. The tip is equipped with: Wholesale rivets. Nail id: Anneau élargissement outil. Riveteuse à main. Gross 40409. 0.6mm. Agrafeuse pneumatique broches. 90-130mm(3 1/2"-5 5/16"). Depth control,light weight,built -in silencer,well-balance. 

écrou Pistolet électrique Rivet

Operation mode: 275mm. Ceintures emballage. Rugged,labor-saving. Mélanges de champignons. Nozzle: Finition cloueuse électrique. Pneumatic nail gun. Colle pour pistolet 7mm. Function: T-nail, n-nail, u-nail. Nail thickness: 282mm. Dirve set: As picture. Produits outils. Pneumatique meuleuse. China (mainland). 50-60hz. N851f. 

Ongles Base

Bt-807. Bbt103. Nozzle size: 1.8mm,2.4mm,2.8mm,3.2mmThree-use. Métal duty agrafeuse. Approximate 75% of plastic strapping (better strapping is better bongi. 1.25mm. Diameter:3-5mm. Boîtes de ceinture. 3.0-5.0 mm in diameter

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