Razeal Synthétique Jumbo Tresse 24 Pouces 100g style Africain Blonde Crochet Tressage Cheveux

soyeux smoothincreased, cheveux beauté

Muse Couleur

Style: Ombrebraidinghair001. Delivery date: Material grade: Black to blue light blue ombre synthetic braiding hair. Full star black ombre blue synthetic hair. Senegaleses twist. Install method: Tressé en extensions de cheveux. Wholesale miss rola cheveux. Top couche en cuir. Jumbo braids03. Small size. Tresse plaine. 100g(+/-3)/piece. Largeur de l'article: Crochet extension de cheveux tresses. I's a wig. 

Cheveux Humains Crochet

82 tressage. 24ich folded length,stretch length 48inch. Hviero. Booksafe serrures. . Efero. Hair weight: Style 1: Crochet braids ombre. Aisi beauty. Sl-jumbo-braids. Wholesale extension de cheveux. Carsun. Feilimei ombre braiding hair. Silky strands. Blonde tresses. Ombre. Wholesale postiche ombre. 

Extensions Beaucoup

100grams jumbo hair. Aw002-2. Box braid hair. Cheveux synthétiques perruques. Jumbo  braids crochet braids. Matériel: Cheveux accessoires: Blonde braiding hair ombre blue jumbo braidCheveux de tressage synthétique. . 60 ombre colors. Hair type: Ombre curl. Crochet braids hair. A1-j16. 4 pieces/lot. 1pcs only,5-6 pcs is recommand to a full head. 1pcs=1strands=100g+/-5g. S-noilite. 24 inch. 

Jumbo Tressage Cheveux Bleu Violet

Feilimei braiding hair. Jumbo braids hair extensions. Type de matériel: Style : Crochet jumbo. Wholesale tresses longue. Extensions cheveux tressage. 24inch ombre kanekalon braiding hair. Wholesale crochet ganchillos. Extension tresses. 100g(+/-3)/piece,24inch. Hair length: Material type: Item per package: 

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