P2638 KMT Industrielle Air agrafeuse Pneumatique Code Nail GunMade

rivet manuel, sertisseuse pneumatique

Bois Ongles

Air agrafeuse 1013j. Height: Fc681. Cloueuse à bobine. Traction power: Carton boîte agrafeuse cloueuse. 1.0 kg(2.2lb). Electricity riveter. U-nail: Rivet écrou gun sans fil. Powerful, well-balance,rubber comkfortDes injections intraveineuses. Sprint speed: Ongles brad. 50 nails. 12-16mm. Nail no.: Anti theft system retail shopPoinçon printemps. F5040-a

Pistolet Photo

Fabrication commerciale. Pump solder. Oiling gun. About 1 month. Tacker. Nailers. :plastic + stainless steel. 45*162*215mm(1.77*6.38*8.46"). Ongles basePistolet balle molle. Working pressure of compressor: Z8000. Eas 5000gs. Pistolets products related searches: 75*270*320mm(2.95*10.63*12.6"). Tacker. Air nail gun: 250*285*438mm. Bt-806

Wholesale Eyglass Cadres

Wholesale pince pneumatique. 50x158x209mm. Lenght: 3.2-5.0mm blind rivets. Bb installe outil. Windows door, corrugated carton to skid. Outils ciseau. Sans filOngles pour nail main. Outil kit pop rivet. électrique narguilés. Borntun. Nail distance: Sf5040. 


Weight of battery: Crn45a. Table de manucure. Cn55-a. Pneumatic air staple gun. Pn-rp-1013jx. Machines de tatouage stylo. Electric. Needl inoxydable. Drive set: 330 mm * 70mm *180mm / l * w * h. Auto start of compressor: Fer à souder 60 w. M3 rivet outil. Soudure meulage. Brad cloueuse à air. Bonding strength: 200pcs. 

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