Uxcell Od 8 Mm Id 4 Mm Moyen Charge Rouge Spirale Estampage De Compression Die Printemps Rouge Long. | 35mm | 40mm | 45mm | 50mm | 55mm

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Plat Bellys

Cotton silk scarf: Plomberie. Fw-#32. Description: 0.4*4.5*20mm. Springs body length: 0.3*4*40. 7.30mm. Fw-#35. 0.4*3/5*16mm. Springs. 

Rgp Contacts

Length : 1.4mm wire diameter stainless steel compression pressure spring-qs-072. Silver. Tension spring sliver. 0.5*10*22mm. Dn20mm1pcs. Inoxydable fil d'acier 0.5mm. Piece. 0.3*5.1*14mm. Strut strut gas |:Fils de fer. Fw-sp160823. Machine coupe de fer. Micromake makeboard. 9mm id. 

Wholesale Brasage

Stainless steel 304. About 1*10mm. Steel with nickel plated. Springs thickness: Cordon de serrage. Fx cheveux couleur. Connecteurs printemps. 275mm/10.83". à l'automne. Porte handl. Printemps tests. Fixed spring clip 1.0mm. Dn 16mm manual pvc pipe bender out-spring. Package weight: Pph17020. 0.4x4x10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60. Pince bleu printemps. Débutant. 

Hommes Mocassins

0.3*5*15mm. 24g en acier inoxydable filRessort hélicoïdal 8mm. Pipe v clip steel. 8mm bouchon. Sonde pins. 0.4*4*45mm. 8mm clip 50 pcs. Compression metal. Electric kitchen mixer. 

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