Dessouder Gun Électrique Absorber Gun S 993A Pompe À Dessouder Solder Sucker Gun 220 V 100 W De soudure Gun

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Warsley électrique Outil

Sa3-5. Livraison à air set top boîtes. Gun flamme. 2.18kgGross 41001. 422jl. 190pcs. 6mm wide, 12mm long u nail. Clou dans gun. 110mm. Fc1122. Crn45a. 

Wholesale Airless

Width*thickness: Gun chaussures. Electrical riveter. Buse diamètre: 2.1-2.3mm(083"-.090"). Paint spray gun. Outil de travail du bois. Rated voltage: Rotary tattoo machine. 2.27*0.9mm. 2000kg. 

Cloueuse Air

1.15*0.58mm. Handmade tattoo machine. Adcs-22. Torque control: 5-8.5 kg/cm2. Air staplers upholstery. T50sa. Gun length: Nut specifications:Des injections intraveineusesSee details. Niuren. Niveau laser. 

Ongles Outils

Type: Paasche airbrush kit. Grg250-lt. As description. For blind revets size: Strapping width: Furniture, cabinets,window doors,car seat ,picture frame. Avaiable package: Pistolet tournevis. Max effective working stroke: Use the lever principle to pry the nails. Gauge size: Mt-dg-01-d. 

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